» Question: Is that a FAQ?
» Who owns this site?
» How does the navigation and so on work?
» Which browsers are supported?
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Question: Is that a FAQ?

No, definitely not!
To be honest, I can't remember any of the questions to be asked by anyone at all until today. The only purpose of this page is to replace the old "me, myself & i" section, of which I never knew what I should put in. Now, here's a small information corner of me and my site in the World Wide Web.


Who owns this site?

This whole website was (and still is) created by Fabian Neumann from Fuerstenwalde (Spree) in Germany. I just finished school and have to do my civil service at the Heimbildungsstaette in Bad Saarow Pieskow until June 2001 now.

You can get into contact with me via e-mail (webmaster@fnsite.de) or much more live via ICQ #87354612. The snail mail address - well - you gotta find out by yourself!

If you'd like to find out more about the real world I live in, have a look at the » regional paragraph in my link list.

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How does the navigation and so on work?

On the left top you always read the name of the current page or section. A click on it will have an effect quite similar to the back button of your browser. It will take you to the next highest level in the hierarchy. For example from a news article to the news topics overview. The last page will always be the homepage.

The main navigation links can be found on the top right corner of a page. From here you got access to the most important sections and pages of my site.
At the moment there are these:

  • Home: the homepage
  • about: this page (in German); about myself and my website
  • Java: contains two small Java applets and some JavaScript
  • Interrail: a diary of an interrail tour through Central Europe in summer 2000
  • Stuff: a collection of homeworks and book reviews
  • www: a list of some recommended websites
  • Guestbook: well...

In addition there is a news corner and a SiteHistory, which documents the development of my site since its launching in September 2000. These two are only accessable from the homepage, where the latest entries are presented.

Links are, in general, darkgreen and not underlined.

From time to time I assemble a list of links that are related to the topic of the current page or article. These can be found in the black related links box at the end of a page. For these and for all other links please take care of the » disclaimer.


Which browsers are supported?

A quite difficult question. Actually none in particular. When creating the pages I use the Internet Explorer™ as default. But besides I test the pages on other widespread browsers. The following list is ranked by the compatibility of CSS, JavaScript and layout of each viewer:

  • MS Internet Explorer (4), 5.x
  • Netscape 6.x
  • Opera 5
  • Netscape 4.7

Furthermore there are the right fonts that make my site look like it should look like - or simply not...
The first-choice fonts are Verdana and Tahoma. If not available on your system, they are replaced by the standard sans-serif font, e.g. Arial or Helvetica. Doesn't look that good, but it works. Except on Netscape 4.7 ...


I wanna know more!

Uh. OK, here are some more facts for those of you who are interested:

  • used HTML editor: Ulli Meybohms HTML Editor Phase 5²
  • tested on these systems:
    • PC AMD 750MHz, 256MB RAM
    • PC Pentium 166MHz, 64MB RAM
  • webspace provider: 1&1 Puretech AG
  • most counted referrer: Google
  • top search query: Interrail
  • estimated visitors from September 2000 until August 2001: 1700
    20% Robots among (after analog "distinct hosts served")
  • guestbook provider: Sebastian-Kern.de


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